THE PEARL offers a quality of life and a standard of living of the highest standard in a unique ambience and a fantastic location. The first-class residence is not far from an idyllic forest with cypress, pine and eucalyptus trees. There is a choice of 102 exclusively furnished flats ranging from 40 to 141 square metres (1-3 rooms with kitchen) and balconies. The transparent, contemporary architecture of “THE PEARL” combines functional structures with cosy living and room concepts. The first-class living comfort complies with the generally recognised rules of technology and offers residents a pleasant feel-good atmosphere that provides them with community, service, security and individual retreat options.

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The Pearl

Adress: Altintaş Mahallesi 31206 Nr.: 21, Aksu, Antlay, Turkey
Living space: from approx. 40 to approx. 141 sqm
102 flats on 11 floors
First occupancy: from November 2024

Interior view

Except for the fitted kitchen, the items shown are not part of the offer.



Omi Beach (approx. 6 km away as the crow flies)

Omi Beach is the ideal and most suitable option to spend a quiet day and escape from the crowds, as the beach is located at the gates of Antalya, in a natural place that is the most beautiful of its kind, integrated with nature from the blue of the sea and the softness of the golden sand, and many distinctive facilities are spread along the beach, such as shops, cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious summer refreshments.


The old town of Antalya Kaleici (Approx. 10.5 km as the crow flies)

The small historical part of Kaleiçi, also known as the Old Town of Antalya, is located in the centre of this huge modern city. Kaleiçi can be entered through Hadrian’s Gate. This gate is one of the best protected historical buildings in Antalya. This Roman-era building was built in 130 AD. Built in the name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The Karaalioğlu Park is also one of the most important places in Kaleiçi. Karaalioğlu Park has a total area of 140,000 square metres. In the park, 3 streets run parallel to each other and are located northwest of the sea. At the end of these roads are three viewing platforms. Karaalioğlu Park reflects the rich flora and fauna of Antalya with many species of trees, plants, flowers and birds.

Floor plans and interior views

The Pearl
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Except for the fitted kitchen, the items shown are not part of the offer.


The furnishings of the flats meet the latest requirements and ensure a feeling of well-being at the highest level. All flats are equipped with selected materials, attractive ceramics in the bathrooms, hard-wearing parquet floors and granite. The design concept aims to preserve the self-determination of the residents.

The entrance level to the reception and the buildings is accessible without steps from the public circulation area and can be illuminated. Extra-wide corridors, floor-level showers and step- and threshold-free areas throughout the building facilitate everyday life and mobility.

The parquet floors in the living rooms and entrance areas are of high quality, as are the porcelain stoneware floors in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Haptically they flatter the skin, but at the same time they are non-slip.

Fitted kitchen (included)
The elegant fitted kitchens have four glass ceramic hobs, oven-microwave combination appliances, fridge with freezer compartment, extractor bonnet, dishwasher and multi-stage kitchen ventilation.

Except for the fitted kitchen, the items shown are not part of the offer.

Common rooms
The following common rooms are at your disposal: Foyer, function room, garden, outdoor pool with sufficient sunbeds, gymnasium, Turkish Bath and sauna, underground parking spaces (on request).

THE PEARL provides the flat. All the residents still need to bring along is their favourite furniture. When purchasing before completion, individual wishes regarding design, colour scheme, tiles and the room layout can be taken into account. All flats have satellite connection, emergency call system and balconies. Night lighting is in operation in the stairwells and hallways after dark.

The complex is 100% equipped with camera surveillance, has a direct line to the police and a fire extinguishing system in all rooms. Visitors to the house must always register before being allowed to enter the luxury residence. This ensures your privacy. With infrared thermal scanners to control body temperature and disinfectant dispensers in each building and in the common areas, guests, visitors and staff are protected. Sanitary facilities, kitchen, common areas, pools and wellness facilities are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Energy, heat, cooling
Heat pumps/natural gas and underfloor heating ensure an appropriate temperature in all flats. With underfloor heating, even low temperatures are sufficient to heat a room comfortably because of its large surface area. This makes the combination of heat pump and underfloor heating ideal, also because it makes air conditioning unnecessary. When cooling with a heat pump, the room is cooled via the water pipes of the heating system. Because of the advantageous energy efficiency, the kitchens are equipped with gas/electricity combination cookers.


THE PEARL provides well-being, service, safety and health in all areas of life. The German and English speaking staff consists of hotel executives, the concierge, the reception, the security staff and the caretaker are there 24/7 for you and your guests and take care of your well-being and the wishes of your guests. To ensure that nothing separates all residents from an inspiring leisure experience, the team takes care of all the mundane, the maintenance of the grounds and garden, anything that might get in the way. A concierge service assists with planning and the house technician takes care of minor repairs. All other wishes are fulfilled at our reception.

Lobby & Concierge & Maintenance
You have your own mailbox. Parcels are accepted at reception. If desired, for example during holidays, mail can be collected at the reception. The reception is the service centre of the residence and the heart of the house. It is staffed around the clock from Monday to Sunday. The staff at the reception welcome their residents warmly every day and fulfil their wishes. They make appointments for you, are available for any question and are your contact for all daily needs, shuttle service, textile service, room service, leisure activities, entertainment, regional services or third-party providers for daily life, e.g. pharmacy, doctor, hairdresser, beauty, chiropody, beverage supplier, flat cleaning, tickets for excursions to the thermal baths in Afyon and Pamukkale, concerts, exhibitions, restaurant visits with the best seats.

There are several cheap flights daily from the nearby Antalya airport (3 km) to/from all commercial airports in D-A-CH, Scandinavia, etc.

Culture, Entertainment, Travel
There is a lot to discover. That is why excursions for a day or even longer trips are regularly offered for you and your guests. Destinations and times are always announced in good time.

Arrival and departure
There are several cheap flights daily from the nearby Antalya Airport (3 km) to/from all commercial airports in D-A-CH, Scandinavia, etc.


The following basic services are included in the service flat rate:
Living expenses, maintenance of the complex, 24-hour on-call service of the outpatient nursing service, use of the common rooms, pool, spa, assistance with questions of daily living, arrangement of therapeutic and medical services, arrangement of cultural and social activities, concierge and reception service, security and caretaker. THE PEARL charges a monthly flat rate per flat for these services.

Building specification for the construction company


All materials to be used shall conform to the technical specifications of the Ministry of Public Works and TSE standards. Manufacture shall be by the method and to the quality conforming to the provisions of the General Technical Specifications of the Ministry of Public Works.


It will be constructed as a reinforced concrete shell with raft foundation in accordance with the latest earthquake regulations. The construction technology used is self-insulating modular concrete formwork elements from ARFA BUILDING SYSTEMS. And all constructions will be executed with this technological system.


All materials in this project are first class. K.G.S. is used as the concrete. The ready-mixed concrete, which complies with European standards, is supplied by companies that are members of the Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete Association. The latest earthquake regulations are applied in both the project and construction phases. The structural reinforcement of the building will be made of ST 3 seismic reinforced concrete (earthquake steel) and will only be supplied by companies such as Iskenderun Iron and Steel and Karabük Iron and Steel, which manufacture TSE-certified products.


Garden walls and site entrance: an automatic, remote-controlled gate will be installed at the entrance to the site. A security hut will be constructed at the entrance. A system will be installed in the security hut to allow telephone contact with the flats.

5. paths within the garden

Paths will be constructed according to need and possibilities.


The plots will be landscaped, trees other than those requiring protection will be felled, plants will be planted and on completion of the works the lawn will be laid in accordance with the landscaping project. An automatic irrigation system (pop-up system) will be installed to water the garden.

Groundwater will be extracted separately on the site by drilling at a suitable location. A water tank will be built in the basement and a hydrophor (pump) will be installed. A network for irrigation of green areas will be constructed and sufficient standpipes will be installed.

7. roads and doors

Roads will be constructed from the site entrance to the house entrance and at other necessary places and provided with suitable surfacing. Building entrance doors and residential entrance doors shall be provided with non-slip material and stickers.

8. garden lighting

Electric lights shall be installed at the edges of the access road within the site and in the centre of the garden and at the edge of the pool to provide adequate lighting.


A swimming pool will be constructed on the site. The mechanical room for the pool will be located adjacent to the pool and underground. The pool will be transported in an overhead transport system, the inside of the pool will be covered with special pool ceramic and the edges will be covered with non-slip ceramic. The pool filter chlorination system will be TSEK certified and a trademark with continuous repair and maintenance service in Antalya. Children’s pools will also be built alongside the large pools.


A concrete water tank will be built in the basements, covered with ceramic tiles of sufficient size, and an ALARKO or BAYMAK brand pump of suitable capacity will be installed. The basements shall be equipped with bunkers. Toilets and washbasins shall be installed in the bunkers. HAKAN PLASTİK, FIRAT or DİZAYN brand.


Rainwater drains will be constructed to collect rainwater from the buildings and roads and channel it into the open drains around the properties. If it is not possible to discharge the rainwater into the open channel, it will be connected to the municipal sewerage system. HAKAN PLATİK, FIRAT or DİZAYN brand.

12. sewage

Wastewater from the buildings is taken from the collector sewers and connected to the sewerage system via carrier sewers. HAKAN PLATiK, FIRAT or DİZAYN brand.


Water insulation is made to keep moisture away from the floor.


Thermal and moisture insulation will be applied to the attic.


– The exterior walls of the buildings shall be painted with acrylic based paint and the exterior walls of the buildings shall be painted with acrylic based paint . The colour will be decided jointly by the property owner and the construction company at the time of painting.

– Solar energy system will be installed on the roof.

– Clean water tap will be installed on the balconies of the flats.

– A gas detector will be installed in each flat.

– Each flat owner will be able to enjoy natural gas after purchasing a natural gas meter and taking out a subscription.


– Fitness centre to be built

– Outdoor pools and children’s pools to be built

– Filtration system connected to the pools, sunbathing terraces, changing rooms for men and women, WC and showers will be prepared

– Necessary applications will be included in the site design taking into account disabled and pram traffic, access to each platform and lifts in the building will be provided.


– A cloakroom locker will be provided in the corridors of the flats

– Wardrobes will be installed in the master bedrooms of some of the flats as and when possible.

– In this project, the design of the site and the external façade of the building will be decided by the architect, the building entrances and the interiors of the flats will be decided by the interior designer, and the landscaping will be decided by the landscape architect, in each case together with the landowner and the construction company.

18. drinking water and sewerage

– Pipes for clean water shall be made of TSE certified HAKAN PLATiK, FIRAT or DİZAYN BRAND polypropylene.

– The sewage installation shall be made with PVC pipes.

– All water taps must be equipped with intermediate taps.

– The water meters belonging to the flats shall be installed at a suitable place in each block.


– Window sills shall be of marble.

-Sills of marble of suitable colour shall be provided at the entrance door and balcony doors.


– A fire alarm system will be installed in accordance with the latest fire safety regulations.

– Fire extinguishers will be installed on each floor.

– Water mains connections for fire brigade will be installed on each floor.

– Fire hydrophores (water pumps for water supply) will be allocated as per fire safety regulations.

– A water main for fire service will be installed at the entrance of the building.


In accordance with relevant codes and specifications and the project, the natural gas installation will be brought up to the boiler and made ready for gas opening.

-In accordance with the relevant regulations and specifications and the project, natural gas installations will be installed at the cookers in the flats and made ready for the gas opening.

-Round valves will be used, valves, taps, intermediate taps, dishwasher and washing machine taps will be of E.C.A., NSK or POLI.


– The size of the ceramic flooring will be one of ECA, SERELİ ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER UŞAK which will be decided in time.

– The size of the tiles will be one of the brands ECA, SEREL, ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGUN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER UŞAK to be decided in time.

– The kitchen countertops are manufactured by the brands ECA, SERELİ ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER UŞAK.

– The plot owners shall inform the contractor in writing which ceramic tiles, tiles and marble they wish to install in their flats until the brickwork of each block is completed.


Underfloor heating will be installed, the thermal siphon is of the brand.


. The entrance door and frame of the flat are TSE certified steel doors by Falez. The door will have a brass or chrome knocker and a binocular door handle (knob). Kale Lock is used as the lock.

– The interior doors are American panel doors with casement frames. The door spacing from inside to outside is 90 cm for rooms, 80 cm for toilets and bathrooms and 150 cm for living rooms.


The window and balcony joinery is made of coloured PVC from the 70’Iik series. EGEPEN, ASAŞPEN, PAKPEN, FIRATPEN or PİMAPEN. The balcony doors open onto the balcony.

– There is at least one window in each room and two windows in the living room.

– The glasses are 4+12+4 insulating glass manufactured by a Şişecam-approved company.


– A SEREL, ÇAnAKKALE, ECA brand reservoir hanging toilet bowl and lid will be installed.

– A half-height washbasin and mirror will be installed.

– The walls and floors will be laid with premium tiles up to the ceiling or ÇANAKKALE tiles and ceramics up to the ceiling. Compatible borders will be placed between the tiles. A chrome towel rail and an ECA, ONNO brand paper holder will also be installed.


– Balconies, floors, model and colour to be determined by the property owner will be covered with one of the first class ceramic brands ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER, UŞAK.

– The balcony grilles will be made of aluminium and a water tap and a water drain with strainer will be installed on the balconies of the flats.


– Sanitary ceramics

– Washbasins and toilet bowls: first-class brands ECA- SEREL-ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER, UŞAK.

– Bathtub and shower tray: It will be one of the premium acrylic brands ECA, SEREL-ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER, UŞAK in the size specified in the project.


will be the ERH.

Shower mixer will be ERH.

Washbasin mixer will be ECA.

Sink mixer will be ECA.

Hand shower will be ECA.


With the exception of the wall from the counter to the upper kitchen cupboard (which will be tiled), the remaining walls will be painted with rubber paint over gypsum filler. The floors will be covered with ceramic tiles of the owner’s choice (depending on the date of purchase). The kitchen countertop will be marble or granite. The sink will be chrome-plated steel with two compartments. The mixer tap will be fitted. 60 cm will be between the worktop and the upper cupboard and will be covered with 10*10 cm tiles chosen by the property owner. The depth of the lower cupboards will be 60 cm, height 86 cm, the depth of the upper cupboards will be 35 cm, height 70 cm. The dishwasher and oven will be placed under the worktop. The electricity and water pipes will be placed accordingly. The location of the dishwasher will be to the right and left of the sink. The body of the kitchen cabinets will be made of MDF-LAM and the doors will be made of MDF-LAM with PVC coating. The shape, colour and other accessories of the kitchen cabinets will be determined together with the property owner.


A cistern, SEREL, ECA brand hanging toilet bowl and lid, an acrylic bath tub, mix bath tap and hand shower, mix sink tap, cabinet and framed flotal mirror shall be placed. The cabinet shall be the same colour as the kitchen cabinets. The colour of the cabinet shall be determined by the property owner.

The wall and floor covering of the bathroom shall be made up to the ceiling of first class tiles and ceramics of one of the brands ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSE, UŞAK, the model and colour of which shall be determined by the property owner.

The accessories for toilet bowls and bathrooms will consist of chrome of the ECA, SEREL and ONNO brands. Fanzati and quality, tempered glass shower enclosure will be placed on the bathtub.


In case of power failure, a generator with sufficient power will be used for the entrance, garden, automatic staircase and lift of the facilities. Preferably of the AKSA, TEKSAN or ALIMAR brands.


Entrance, corridor, kitchen, balcony, bathroom and WC will be covered with ceramics of the brands ÇANAKKALE, EGE, AKGÜN, YURTBAY, GRANİSER, UŞAK, the size, model and colour of which will be determined together with the property owner. The colours for ceramics, tiles and laminate will be determined together with the property owners.


Suspended ceilings shall be made of plastic in bathrooms and toilets.


Suitable cables and pipes will be laid in the flats for the installation of electric combi boilers. The heating installations will be made on a project-specific basis. The installation pipes are HAKAN PLASTİK, FIRAT VE DİZAYN brand polypropylene pipes, which are routed through the levelling concrete.

There must be two sockets on the worktop in the kitchens and at least one socket in the bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms.

To enable an internal telephone connection between the security box and the flats, a telephone line will be laid on the side of the entrance door to the flats and a telephone installed.

Each flat will be equipped with a colour video intercom system connected to the entrance door.


Telephone, data and TV sockets to suit the project will be installed in the dwelling.

A satellite system will be installed. The satellite system must be installed separately in each room and all TV sets must be monitored simultaneously.


– The compound will be surrounded by walls and iron railings that blend harmoniously with the landscape and prevent passage from the outside, and a security wall will be erected and at least one checkpoint will be established.

– A camera system will be installed as a security system at certain points along the entrance to the property and the retaining wall of the property. The main entrance will be guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Closed circuit surveillance system IP cameras will be used for 24-hour surveillance of car parks, entrances and some critical areas on the property.


– A digital colour video intercom system will be installed in the flats to control the door automats that can talk to the entrance door of Block A,B and C Apartments.

– Security can call from all flats and lifts and security can also call the flats if required.

– Flats can be called from the building entrances and the main entrance can be opened without a key with a password.

In the system, a digital buzzer panel is used at the entrance doors. Thanks to this buzzer, the numbers of the flats are dialled according to a specific code.


The lifts are built separately for each building. They will be automatic and designed for four people. It will be a brand that will be serviced regularly in Antalya. The interior surfaces of the cars will be stainless steel, the floor will be granite and there will be a mirror opposite the door. There will be a security door. A ventilation system will be installed; brand AKE or equivalent.


– Building entrance, stairs and landing will be marble, steps will be minimum 3 cm thick, railing will be 2 cm thick, flooring will be 2 cm thick.

– The edges of the lift doors must be marble and granite up to the ceiling.

– Stair railings must be made of aluminium.

– The building’s entrance doors will be made of wrought iron or CNC-cut aluminium.

– A mailbox will be located at a convenient location of the flat entrance for each flat.

A video intercom system connected to each flat will be installed in the entrance area.

– The building entrance will be decorated with decorative material selected jointly by the property owner and the contractor.

Building entrances and stairs shall be designed by the interior designer and the application shall be submitted with the joint decision of the land owner and the builder.


Television, conduit, telephone, bell and vending machine cables shall be routed through a prefabricated, accessible installation conduit.

– All cables to be used shall be HES and PIRELLI brand and of adequate thickness.

The flats shall be supplied with three-phase electricity and a three-phase electricity meter shall be installed.

– All sockets to be installed in the flats must be child-proof.

– An electrical outlet with a cover will be installed on the balconies specified in the project.

– Multiple sockets will be installed at the TV location in the living room.

– Telephone outlets will be located in the living room and master bedrooms, and TV outlets will be located in all rooms and the kitchen.

– Electrical switches for the Vavian system will be installed at the head of the beds in the main bedrooms.


Parking spaces will be provided in accordance with the project.

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